Dear Friends:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Insightwest experience. I hope you enjoy getting to know our company.

Insightwest was born from a simple idea – insight is power. With the right insight, industry stakeholders can be proactive and reactive; prospective and retrospective; far-sighted and sometimes even near-sighted. Through a directed-focus on our three insight pillars (strategic, compliance and technical), we can improve the information capacities of the clients we serve, whether it is small business, big business, government, academia or First Nations.

Nowhere is the need for in-depth insight greater than in the energy and resources sectors in western Canada. Pertinent, industry-specific information is not easy to come by, nor is the expertise required to analyze and report on this information. Insightwest provides both. Whether it is a branding project for an oil sands company, a comprehensive paper about economic space for First Nations in this country, or a compliance briefing on Treaty Land Entitlement for a mining giant, our company goal is the same – to effect positive change in each project we undertake for our clients. 

Insightwest’s ambition does not stop here. Our website, with daily updates in oil, gas, wind and mining, provides a forum to gauge the rhythm and pulse of the energy and resource markets in the west. My own writing, in several publications nation-wide, strives to provide that same connection. Only through such means can one grasp the scale of development (both highlights and lowlights) taking place in these sectors today.

Our Rhythmwest Gallery, “Industry Through Imagery Exhibition,” showcases the inspiring work of several western Canadian artists and photographers, linking industry and art like never before. Please enjoy your online gallery tour.

At Insightwest, we know that we are new and that the best is yet to come. Not only do we have big visions for our company, but for the energy and resource economy in western Canada as well. This said, Insightwest is only one piece of the information puzzle. Insightnorth, Insightsouth and Insighteast will soon provide the much-needed regional focus on energy and resource development throughout North America, thus completing this ever-expanding puzzle, in all of its great diversity. 


Nathan Elliott