In many regions of the world, wind has become one of the fastest growing sources of power generation.  As attempts are being made to develop clean, sustainable and secure energy systems, developers, scientists, policy makers and communities are increasingly looking to wind energy projects as important parts of the solution.

The winds produced across western Canada are some of the strongest in the world and, as a result, much opportunity exists in the region for development.  Several top-tier, commercially competitive, wind energy initiatives are already well-positioned for success and growth.  This said, while the region seems ideal for these ventures, some industry challenges include: the reliability of the resource, the cost of generation, as well as potential environmental and health concerns.

Clearly, there is much to be learned and discussed about the potential for, and realities of, wind power in western Canada.  In this section, Insightwest seeks to shed light on the key topics about this ever-expanding industry, by including commentary, links to important articles, industry announcements, as well as press releases from significant players in wind energy production in the region.