Western Canada, in particular Saskatchewan, has the most extensive known potash deposits and the most productive mines in the world.  The potash industry is central to the province’s economy, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in mineral resource royalties, fostering long term investment, advancing mining technology, employing thousands of workers and creating unique educational opportunities.  Recently, soaring prices have led established mining companies to increase production and have drawn other top mining companies and exploration firms to the province, prompting a staking rush and raised expectations of takeovers.  Having cornered much of the global market for potash production (roughly 30 per cent), potash companies in the province will continue to innovate and expand, as demands for potash and investing opportunities increase. 

This excitement considered, a number of industry challenges are noteworthy.  Environmental impacts, mining and waste disposal methods, refining and concentration processes, the size of operations and issues around resource sharing and royalty structures have been the focus of criticism.  Evidently, there are many sides to the potash story. 

This section, devoted exclusively to the resource, is Insightwest’s attempt to more clearly understand and illustrate the realities of this story.