Canada has a long history of being one of the world's top gold producers and western Canada is playing an ever-increasing role in this production.  While Canada’s north is widely-known as the hotbed for gold mining activity in this country, a number of major mining companies have been actively producing and exploring for gold in western Canada for decades (mostly in British Columbia).  More recently, thanks to surging gold prices, investor confidence and ever-expanding usages in the marketplace, a host of junior mining companies have also stepped up to the plate and are actively seeking deposits in established belts close to existing infrastructure and development across the west.  As a result, many analysts believe that western Canada is set to witness spikes in mining-related activity in the years to come.

While the future looks bright and there is much industry-related optimism in western Canada, the sector has come under attack from an array of important stakeholders, including First Nations groups and environmental organizations, concerned, among other things, with the impact that gold development and mining has on existing water, land and air supplies.  Moving forward, these concerns must be understood and addressed.  Further, dialogue needs to remain open to ensure long term sector and environmental sustainability. 

This section, devoted completely to the gold mining sector in western Canada, is Insightwest’s way of contributing to, and fostering this much-needed dialogue.