From diamonds to gold, coal to potash, nickel to zinc, and copper to uranium, mining is one of western Canada's fundamental industries and a major driver propelling both regional and national prosperity.  Mining stimulates economic growth, job creation and spin-off activity in urban centres, rural areas and Aboriginal communities from British Columbia through to Manitoba.

Western Canada is internationally understood to be a leading location for mining innovation, leadership and expertise.  These key realities contribute to the growth of the industry and need to be fostered further.

While mining in western Canada has a long history, it has only scratched the surface of its potential.  This optimism considered, addressing environmental challenges remains one of the the industry’s most significant considerations.  Mining companies throughout the West are continually searching for, and implenting both sustainable and responsible practices in order to minimize the impacts of their projects  on local environments.  This work needs to continue.

In this section, Insightwest seeks to highlight information about a number of key topics central to the ever-expanding mining industry, by including commentary, links to important articles, industry announcements, as well as press releases from significant players in the region’s diverse, multi-dimensional and ever-expanding mining sector.