Insightwest is a breakthrough source for insight-based, compliance-based and technical-based solutions in the energy and resource sectors in western Canada.

Current political and economic realities illustrate that energy and resource development in the West is playing an ever-increasing role in fuelling Canada’s economic engine and in shaping the national agenda. Insightwest understands the context of these exciting realities and seeks to inform energy and resource companies, Aboriginal organizations, governments and other stakeholders in an array of industry-specific research areas.  We tailor our strategic-focused, compliance-focused and techinal-focused work to suit the individual goals and aspirations of the clients we serve.

In addition to the innovative work we undertake for our clients, our website serves as a unique forum, enhancing industry awareness, as well as fostering dialogue and bridging the gap between the public, private industry, federal, provincial, municipal and Aboriginal governments, Aboriginal groups, as well as academia.

Insightwest promotes progress and understanding in many areas of the energy and resource sectors, making us a ground-breaking research agency.